Thursday, November 27, 2008

India under siege

With the current spate of terror attacks in the country, leaving the house and getting back safe seems to be a blessing. The attacks on the Taj and Oberoi Hotels as well as the rest of Mumbai has saddened me to a great extent. Over a 100 dead, 187 injured and still counting! These stats dont seem wake up the authorities to the growing threat surrounding this country. Every time a attack of this magnitude takes place, politicians begin playing the blame game. The opposition starts questioning the party in power and try to manipulate people into voting for them in the next election. With the elections coming up, I'm sure BJP is going to cry itself hoarse pointing fingers at Congress for the terror attacks.Why dont both the parties (rather everyone involved) unite and try to solve the issue instead of gaining political mileage out of it??

When is all this gonna end? Didnt the authorities get whiff of this on their radar? Such an organized crime wouldnt have gone unnoticed. Is our security system so bad that there have been more than 10 such incidents in 2008? Unless the government or the requisite authorities take stringent action, this is will continue. I wrote a similar post in Jan 2007. Sadly, nothing has changed.