Tuesday, December 08, 2009

DCH Vs Wake Up Sid

Watched 'Wake up Sid' last weekend. I found a number of similarities between "Dil Chaahta Hai" (DCH) and "Wake up Sid".
Here are a few that I could think of.

1. The obvious one - Both movies have characters named Siddharth, fondly called Sid.
2. The stories begin with the comepletion of their final year exams and the farewell party (Well, in DCH, the flashback begins that way)
3. Both the Sids fall in love with older women (Konkona's character is not the same age as Dimple's in DCH ... but yeah, older than Ranbir's character anyway)
4. In DCH, Sid (Akshaye) has a misunderstanding with Akash (Aamir) and the two dont talk to each other for a while. The same thing happens between Sid (Ranbir) and his friend.
5. The conversation between Ranbir and his dad at the breakfast table (about him joining his dad's business) is similar to the scene in DCH where Aamir has the exact conversation with his dad.
6. Ranbir meets Konkona at their farewell party. Aamir meets Preity at their farewell party.
7. Ranbir's friend gets dumped. Ditto - Saif in DCH.

Ok... Its pretty obvious that I had nothing better to do than think about the similarities between the two movies and write them down diligently :)
Thank you for your patience :)