Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Rape Capital

Not a day goes by when I open the newspaper and I dont find a news item about a case of rape in Delhi. Its either a girl being raped or the girl in question committing suicide because of the trauma. Its getting so common that when such a news item comes on TV, we just change the channel thinking 'Oh.. poor girl'. We have become de-sensitized to violence.

Shiela Dixit has served 3 terms as CM and she hasnt been able to control this menance. I dont get it! As a woman chief minister shouldnt she be doing something about it? Unless one recieves harsh punishment (and I mean real harsh, not just a couple of yrs in prison) this will continue. In my opinion, there should be public punishment/hanging or some such thing for these criminals. I may sound crazy but my blood boils when I read such news. Human rights groups may think otherwise, but didnt the guy who committed this heinous crime violate human rights!?! Why should he be allowed to get away with it? If the judicial system in our country does its job, there wouldnt be so many cases.