Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Types of moms

I've been a mom for just over  a year now and I have just begun to sort of understand the demographic. There are many types out there; I have highlighted a few.
Disclaimer: Mommy friends, no offense meant whatsoever ;) I'm sure I am one of these moms -- or maybe a combination of all of them ;)

Miss Know-It-All

This mom will tell you everything you are doing wrong. If she sees your kid or even a picture of your kid, she will tell you 10 things that you are doing wrong there. Any conversation about your child will turn into a full-on lecture session. So much so that sometimes you anticipate the lecture ;) "What works for one kid may not work for the other" -- you should get this temporarily tattooed on your forehead whenever you meet her; or if you meet her everyday, just get the real ink ;)

The Googler

The present generation of first time moms have shades of "The Googler" in them -- she ranges from looking up a bad rash once in a while to one that walks around with phone in one hand, and child in the other, frantically googling why her kid did not burp. No old wives tales for her -- she only trusts random strangers on the internet. Others can go to hell.

The Cool Cat

Even though she is a first time mom, she cool as a cucumber. She is very adventurous about trying out new things on her kid. While other moms would be paranoid about their kid eating store bought cookie, this mom will leave an open pack of Oreos on the counter and not even care that her kid has consumed 10 of them since he/she woke up. Of course, she loves and cares for her kid but she is cool cat when it comes to strangers feeding her kid stuff that she hasn't dissected.

The Dare-devil

This one is an extreme version of the cool cat mom. She may have been Joey's ( of F.R.I.E.N.D.S fame) mom in her TV life --- "Whoops! Joey fell down the stairs!" "Whoops! Joey electrocuted himself again!" She does not flinch handing over her newborn to visitors -- no hosing them down with sanitizer. No sterilized bottles for her. Germs help toughen babies up!

The Paranoid Peach

This mom starts worrying at the drop of a hat. She is an extreme version of the googler mom. A sneeze or two from the kid will make her sweat. A simple leg or arm movement will get her wondering if his/her motor skills are ok. She is a walking-talking worry wart. And she is ready to voice her concern to anyone who would listen. Visiting her newborn is a task and a half. First there's the washing of the hands; then there's the sanitizer bath; next, a zillion instructions on how to hold the child. You may be Mother Teresa reincarnate! But no, the instructions will still follow.

Sleepless nights and tired feet aside, being a mother is a gift and a blessing. Taking a long hard look at ourselves and picking out the different idiosyncrasies makes it fun and less stressful. 

Friday, August 05, 2016

"How I Met Your Mother" Themed Baby Shower

What do you do when you have to plan a baby shower and are fresh out of ideas? The same old summer/spring themes are boring.
The theme we decided on was the TV show "How I Met Your Mother". Now, I know this is not really a baby shower friendly (read family-friendly) theme, but we went ahead with it.
I do not remember who came up with this idea -- I think one of the hard-core fans suggested it and then it just went from there. And boy was everyone excited! This was probably more fun for the party planners than the parents-to-be. Just between you and me, it probably was :P
What started as a Whatsapp chat group had now turned into a full-on theme party! Before you knew it, hardcore fans of the show started coming up with interesting ways to make HIMYM kid friendly (if that was ever possible!). But eventually we did! :)

As per usual, a prep party was planned. Let me begin by saying that I am not one of those hardcore fans of HIMYM. I have probably watched a handful of episodes and quite liked them all. But as I went along with the party planning, I learned a lot!

Now, fans of the show know what slutty pumpkin refers to. Since this had to be kid-friendly, we decided to make a simple pumpkin-like diaper cake. For those who don't know what a diaper cake is, its not actually a cake you can eat, but (usually) a 2-3 tier cake-like structure that's made from diapers that the mommy can eventually use for her baby. The diaper "cake" we made was a diaper pumpkin.

We also made a few other items that we used as party decor.

An obvious word-play on the intervention sign

A gift basket filled with duck themed baby towels, socks and bibs  

A Mac Laren pub sign

A blue french horn

The BRO Code book

The food was of course bar/pub food -- paired with interesting names :)

These yummy drinks were served with cute yellow umbrellas ;)

This was such a fun party; we cant wait for the next one!!  ;)