Thursday, January 05, 2006

Women at risk in the 21st century!

The recent Meerut incident and the rape and subsequent murder of a Bangalore based call-center employee has made me realise that even in the 21st century, women are not completely safe. Technology wise, India has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 10 years. But that hasnt changed Indian society or mentality, one bit.
It made me furious when I first heard about 'Operation Majnu'. What right do these police men and women have to go around slapping innocent couples? What's wrong if a boy and a girl hold hands? Is it a crime for two friends to spend a few hours together? What an individual does on his/her own time is not the police's business. This kind of moral policing is unheard of in developed countries.
The recent murder of a woman call-center employee in Bangalore was extremely shocking. As opposed to a decade or so ago, more and more women are working these days. The percentage of women in the IT industry has increased as well. Incidents like these may either scare parents into not letting their children work, or scare employers into not recruiting women. Either way, women suffer.
I'm not one of those bra-burning feminists, but I do draw the line somewhere. I will not tolerate a society that does not respect women or treat them with the dignity that every individual deserves. I want to live in a country where a girl can meet her friend or even her boy-friend whenever she wants or wherever she wants; a country where women are not leered at by men, and a country in which a lady who has to go to work in the wee hours, is safe from the clutches of psychotic rapists.


Anonymous said...

Good start. Wish you the very best dear.


Anonymous said...

Don't expect a change. Better you do the change. So when ever you come across these things you do something to the betterment of women.

Moral policing, everyone wish to be free and want to do what theywant. Being in a democratic country i dont know why public display of affection is taken as a crime.

Instead of policing these couples, i guess these ppl have lot of other important tasks to do.

Anonymous said...

Change your settings, to have our time zone.

cj said...

Hey ur blog express your mind state which feels that there is no freedom for women. I would like to post my view that there is freedom for women in this country, when something is given we tend to use it more. You cannot blame the society as a whole for the bad happenings for women, they are also partly responsible for it.

Anonymous said...

Nice kick-start. just a casual point that every sad incident that you mentioned( sply Banglore incident) This particular incident had some nasty plot which spares equal weightage to women and men.

i tightly agree rest of the points.