Monday, September 08, 2008

4th September 2008

I ran from one hospital to another, begging for an ambulance, while my grandfather lay unconscious at home.
That fateful morning, when I was just stepping out for work, my grandpa called out to me and said that he was feeling weak and was going to faint. My mom & I made him sit down and gave him a glass of water. A few minutes later he collapsed.
Shocked and completely unaware of what to do next, I frantically called up my aunt and told her that grandpa has fainted.

I ran out to get a doctor living next door; however, she wasnt in. At once I took out my bike and rushed to the nearby hospital. When I said that I needed an ambulance, pat came the reply, "Madam, the driver is not available. We’ll dispatch one in half an hour". I was furious! I yelled back saying "An ambulance is meant for emergencies and this is indeed an emergency"!

However, they refused to comply. I was given the number of another hospital in the area. When I called that number, I was re-directed to another place. This went on for a few mins, during which I realised that I need to personally fetch it from somewhere. I rushed to the second hospital, where I had a row with the security there about parking my bike in the car parking zone. The guy made me remove my bike and park it elsewhere!
On enquiring about an ambulance, I was asked to wait. Ten precious minutes later, a doctor arrived on the scene and began enquiring about my Grandpa's medical history! Finally, with an ambulance & a doctor in tow, we began our journey back home. We had lost almost 20-25 mins.

As I entered my house, I saw the doctor next door attending to my Grandpa.
I saw the grief-stricken faces of my mom, aunt and cousin and realised that it was all over. The doctor whom I had brought tried to revive him but to no avail.
I wonder if the hospital(s) had reacted on time and dispatched an emergency vehicle, my Grandpa would have survived.
At 85, he was a little weak and had lived a full life. He had had a massive attack. I guess it wouldn’t have been possible.
But, if it had been a young and relatively healthy man/woman in his place, those precious 20-25 mins could have been crucial.

Such disregard & disrespect for medical emergencies is found only in this country.
The Indian Medical Association should make note of the fact that there are no ambulances available when there is the dire need for one.
Hospitals like the ones I went to should not be allowed to function in such a relaxed and haphazard manner.
We paid dearly because of the inefficiency shown by the hospital staff. I hope and pray for a better system to be put in place so that this does not happen to another poor soul.


Nithyaswarna said...

I sincerely regret for your Grandpa’s demise.

You are right!

Now days, hospitals have become most profitable money making business next to Engineering Colleges.

I am closely witnessing one of my friend’s medical treatments, she is been routed to all sort of scans and tests whenever she goes for consultation.

The worst part is, the way they make normal child birth to caesarians by giving sleeping injection.


Who will bring the change? 

Anand said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandfather.