Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Destiny's child

The constant thought running through everyone's heads is "Is what’s happening right now good for me?” "Should I try and intervene?” When we are unable to do as we please, we try to blame fate, saying "What ever is destined to happen, will happen". Is that cliché really true or is it just a myth? Or just a reason to leave things be.

When we find ourselves in situations that we cant really tackle, more often than not, we turn to the big guy upstairs; or to "some supreme power", for all those agnostics out there. We spend all our free time praying at temples, churches, mosques and other places of worship. The belief is that the Lord will either solve our problem (Haha…fat chance!) or at least give you enough strength to pull through it or help you come up with an amicable solution. Working towards the possible betterment of a problem is a risky proposition. One can either fall flat on his/her face or end up making the right moves which eventually solves ones problem.

Fortune befriends the brave
As uncomfortable as it is for them to do so, these set of people bravely take it upon themselves to do what they feel will improve a bad situation. Regardless of the outcome, they make sure that they have put in their 100%. Embarrassment does not deter their courage. And even if it does not end up as expected, they do not regret trying. As long as failure does not affect them adversely, they march right on past it. This is of course a healthy way of handling things, but for the weak hearted, its not good idea to be going down that road time and again.

Latch on to a star
Fear of rejection, fear of getting one's heart broken, fear of losing - such worries dwell on the minds of these people. They leave it totally up to fate to decide what’s best for them. In times of crisis, fate and God are their two best friends. If things do not end up as expected or as they want, they blame it on their fate (and sometimes take it in their stride).

It is possible to carve one’s fate, but no matter how hard you try (you should give it your best shot, of course), only if something is destined to happen, it will.

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