Monday, October 12, 2009

The crooning topi-wala

Whats so great about Himesh Reshamiya??? Why is the world going ga-ga over this self-proclaimed rockstar? Or is it? The promos of his recent movie 'Radio' are all over the place. It looks as boring as his 'Aap ka saroor' and 'Karrzz' (whichever way he spelt it). In his usual tone, he is sitting by the side of a 20 something girl and thinking about another 20 something who he loved and lost. I guess, this sort of a scene is a must in all his movies. Shenaaz (with virtually no acting experience) seems to emote better than Himesh. In the trailer, one sees Shenaaz asking Himesh "Whats your relationship status?"; to which, pat comes a reply "Its complicated". His absolute dead-pan expression does not convey anything!! Don't know what the producer was thinking before signing on Himesh for this film. What the hell, its his money. He has to live with it :)


vijayskumar said...

what are you saying?! himesh's 'moanotones' are the stuff of legend ;)

Sudha said...

:) he has now got a surgery done .. to reduce the nasal tone of his voice..