Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Khans and the media

Recently two of the most popular Khans of the hindi film industry have been in the news for two different reasons. Aamir, for lending support to the Narmada Bachao Aandolan and Salman, for getting sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in the black buck poaching case.

Aamir’s involvement with the Narmada Bachao Aandolan, got him a lot of flak, from both the media as well as politicians. This noble cause cost him dearly, with hoodlums tearing down his posters and burning his effigy. This so-called anger was not just from the people of Gujarat, but the media as well. The news channels are being so sarcastic that they’re making fun of the whole thing by comparing it with his recent hit “Rang De Basanti”. He is being made a laughing stock.

The reason Aamir supports this cause is that he believes that the villagers who might be affected due to the building of this dam, should be properly re-allocated and proper cultivable land be given to them. He has nothing against the people of Gujarat.

Mr. Narandra Modi, in his speech during his “dharna”, was speaking as if Gujarat is not getting its due and that Aamir is against Gujarat getting water. How dare Mr.Modi threaten Aamir on national television to sabotage the screening of the actor’s forthcoming movie “Fanaa” if he does not apologise to the people of Gujarat? And the opposition is quiet!!!!!!!

I just watched both Salman’s and Aamir’s interviews on TV. I’m not here to judge anyone; hell, who am I to do so. But I could see a world of difference between the way the two spoke. While Aamir was unfazed by the riots going on in Gujarat following his decision to support the noble cause, Salman bhai was “blaming” the person who is responsible for making his mom ill (Salman’s mom fell ill as soon as he was arrested).

What’s happening to the media? Somebody does a good deed and he gets thrashed for it! Another, kills endangered species, receives punishment, comes out on bail, celebrates by dancing on the roof of his house, and gets praised for it!


andyspeak said...

media is most powerful these days my dear. THey are the people who instantly use people as scapegoats...celebreties more so. Overnight they would make Somebody a star and criticise someone so bad that the person is emabarrassed. I believe tendulkar is a case in question! It is the media which is making the most noise about whether his career should end.
The tragedy today is that there are more news channels than there is news. So this over zealous attempt at saleablity is what leads to such reports. But ofcourse talking of the khans, AK is definitely perceived as a more sincere person!

Sudha said...

Totally. There are more news channels than there is news. If not, then why would Star News have a one hour program on Hrithik becoming a proud papa!!

Adiya said...

enna madam suddenaa blogging a stop keep going :)

Sudha said...

Dont have anything to write about :)