Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Too little, too late?

Global Warming. Two words that we’ve been exposed to for about 10 odd years. I don’t think people really understand the gravity of this concept. Just finished watching a half hour program on Global warming on a 24*7 news channel. I learnt that even though many of the developed countries are trying their best to reduce the level of emission of toxic gases, as per a recent study, it is too little, too late.
Apparently, the recent floods all across the country have been due to global warming. The tsunami, the recurring earthquakes and all those hurricanes that hit the coast of Florida, were repercussions of the same phenomenon. More such freak climatic changes are in the offing. The program also highlighted probable occurrences over the next few decades. For example, by the year 2050, some of the European countries will no longer have acute winters; by the year 2060, the Swiss Alps will begin to melt; and by the year 2100, winters in the Eurasian continent will begin to resemble Ice Age. All this sounds so scary. Most of us would jus shrug our shoulders saying, “We’ll be over 60 by then. Why do we have to worry?” Excuse me; shouldn’t we be worrying about our descendents? Our children? What if by the beginning of the next century, the population of human beings starts dwindling? Most of you may think that I’m way over my head. But just think about it… I’m sure each of you is as concerned as I am.
If there were a simple solution to every problem, then everyone on this earth would be immensely happy. There isn’t one. Therefore, even though it is too little, too late, we can do something about this right now. For starters, think twice before taking the car out to visit the corner shop. Instead, walk. Air conditioners are the main culprits. Use them sparingly. Do not dump your old computer just because a newer and slightly better model is in the market. Instead, you can upgrade your old one. The reason being, computer scrap (popularly known as E-waste), is clogging up dumping yards all over the country. Toxic gases produced while recycling e-waste, is contributing to global warming.
We shouldn’t be the only ones concerned. The government has to take actions on India becoming the dumping ground of the west. 80% of the e-waste generated in the US and UK, is dumped in India. This is due to the fact that we have the cheapest recycling process! The workers in these plants are exposed to the toxic gases and chemicals day in and day out.
Most of you would just skim though this article as “just another article on global warming”. I request each of you to think about this at least for a couple of minutes and try and contribute in your own way towards the betterment of the environment. After all it is our world, our home.

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