Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The current season of Mtv Roadies makes me feel sick to my stomach. I used to actually like the first few seasons. They were really about survival of the fittest. Tasks were interesting and challenging. Elimination of a roadie did not throw up a huge controversy. Now the show is just filled with manipulation and back-stabbing. Each participant plots against every other participant.
Maybe its all made up, but the entire 'Roadies' generation is filled with foul-mouthed, arrogant and dis-respectful bunch of youngsters who think its cool to use swear words.

In the earlier seasons we had Mr.I'm-too-cool Raghu throwing off attitude, and now there are two of them! Two bald, bespectacled men sitting and passing judjement on people. These men sit on their high horses and call people hypocrites and other such awful names. Hosting/conducting a reality show is one thing; inviting youngsters to audition and participate in a TV show just to humiliate them in front of millions of people is downright rotten!

Last night's episode had this innocent babe from Haryana who had quite a tough time answering the anchors' questions. Raghu and Rajiv were throwing accusations at her, calling her all sorts of names and making her feel bad about who she is! I do not understand why anyone would go through so much torture and humiliation just to get on a TV show. Granted, you get noticed and receive a huge cash award; but it’s not worth demeaning oneself in this manner. Ex-roadie Ashutosh alias Ashu's key to popularity was his notorious behaviour on the show. It even got him an entry into 'Big Boss'(another piece of trash).

In my opinion the perfect reality show is 'The Amazing Race' on AXN. Its a test of strength, wits & intelligence. Shows like Roadies and Big Boss must be banned for the mere idiocy and vulgarity of their content.

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