Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm absolutely sick and tired of how the general public is being treated in this country. The recent incident of the attack on girls at a Mangalore pub is deplorable to say the least. This group calling itself 'Ram Sena' is an insult to Lord Ram himself. They might as well call themselves Ravan Sena. What right do these men have to barge into a pub and hit and molest these women! Who gave them the right??? What's the government doing? The law-enforcement authorities are busy giving protection to politicians, industrialists and celebs. Any policemen left out from these appointments are sent to 'safeguard' the public against such hooligans. And even when they do arrive on the scene, it’s either too late or they arrive just in time to pick up the pieces. How is it that the media is able to reach the spot well in advance to capture these incidents on tape?
It is rumored that the media was intimated about the Mangalore fracas well in advance. Why didnt even one representative from either the electronic or the print media inform the law enforcement authorities?? Is it because they would have lost a good piece of news if the police had intervened and stopped the sevaks from wrecking havoc? If so, the media is as much responsible for what happened as much as the Ram Sena sevaks were. Whats gonna happen to these thugs? Nothing. They'll be put behind bars for a few days after which their leader will take them out on bail. Shouldn’t this be a non-bailable offense? What about those poor girls who have gone though such trauma? I cannot imagine what they must be going through. I am sickened by what’s happening around the country in the name of cultural policing. No one has the right to commit such heinous crimes with the excuse of upholding Indian culture. Is it cultured to treat women like this??? Why are extremist groups like these being banned or disbanded? These groups are as bad as terrorist outfits.
I am deeply disturbed and distraught. I don’t know what else to write. I just hope and pray for a better tomorrow.

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meena said...

no indian culture be it muslim hindu or christian supports violence against women. Hitting women on their face or pulling their dresses is not something Lord "Sriram" is gonna appreciate.. he is gonna be greatly disappointed at wat his sevaks are doing for sure! Besides as u said the news always reaches the media first. Even though cops get a tip they need orders and chargesheets etc to go out on the field i suppose..